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Wednesday, May. 10, 2023

The one that got away

Dubya and I first started chatting in November 2021 but didn’t meet in real life until March 2023.

I tried to stop chatting to him quite soon after we started as I realised he wasn’t quite as separated as he thought he was.

But I couldn’t keep away and went back to play with the fire that Christmas. It was less frequent contact than it had been initially and we weren’t talking on the phone any more, it was really just silly convos on what’s app and the occasional booty call from him, usually on a Sunday morning and usually when I was at work so it was always a no from me. Then he’d make contact again about something random. I left it to him to initiate the convo.

By this time I felt we were unlikely to ever meet. We’d been chatting so long and apart from the booze fuelled booty calls most of our convos were silly friendly catch-ups. I lusted after him but accepted I’d probably missed my chance and I wasn’t sure if I wanted to be with a guy more than 20 years younger than me who lives with the mother of his two young kids. We’d met via a hook up site, originally designed for swingers to connect but latterly used as a quick fix fuckerama. It’s been useful since being separated! Don’t judge me. So I wasn’t looking for a relationship, but was definitely looking for a friend with benefits thing. I hadn't managed it so far, I was either a fuck buddy or a kink fix or a girlfriend. There are many stories. Tom the snood boy, Alex the baby, Nick the Greek, naked James, James Whorehouse, six foot ten, crazy Croydon, Andrew (my David walliams looking likey), big Pete, giant Greg. The list goes on! I didn’t meet all of them. But some of them I met for sex. Most I am still in touch with. Some I met just for social meets. Many I just chat to. I thought he was gonna be one of those.

The one that got away

Hello, good evening and welcome

and my toes

a brief run down.

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